Augment Firewall and UTMs

Monitor and control file transfers for DLP

Enhance network Security

Meet PCI-DSS and Data Compliance 

All new for 2016: Cloud Security as never before!

IDS for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IDS for EC2 Sessions in Cloud

Central Alert Management for Multiple

Delivering better by listening to you:

V9 for 2016: Wepa, Westerra and others 

influence this latest release of feature rich

CounterSnipe Intrusion Prevention Software

Comprehensive no limits network security

Single licence, Unlimited Installations

SMB Licence for Small Businesses

FREE install, configure and manage services

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Our Experience

We delivered our first Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) in 2005 and since then have gone through many releases, refining and automating the security tasks included in the system. Today CounterSnipe is like having a Security Analyst included in a network security product.

Our commitment to continue delivering the best saw us include Suricata Multithreading IDS engine in more recent versions. We have active participation within Open Information Security Foundation(OISF) where our SVP Amar Rathore serves as a Board Member.

Our customer like us because we listen. We take note of their exact requirements and build upon what we already have. This has resulted in an IDS/IPS security solution that provides real, comprehensive and across complete infrastructure security.

There is only one way to see if it works for you....Try it!

5 Tips for better securing your network - 14th Jan 2015

Network Security is not an application..its a tool and needs to be;

  • Constantly updated with the latest in threat detection
  • Adptable and fluid in protection levels
  • Well Managed
  • Comprehensive through out the organization

When you choose CounterSnipe you are choosing all of the above.

That's why the leading services organization Capita chose us.

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All new for 2016: IDS Sensors for protecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) based servers and help meeting PCI compliance .. Read More

Comprehensive Security: IDS, IPS, Malware Security, Asset Discovery and Scanning, Asset Grouping and management and built in alert management then combine with over 25 automated security tasks to offer you the most comprehensive network security currently available on the market.

Version 9 - New Features


Cost Effective with Improved ROI: When you buy CounterSnipe you buy truly comprehensive security at one price. Our software licensing enables you to build as many IDS/IPS or network security systems as required. You can start with a 1G throughput today and upgrade to a 10G system at no extra cost. You can start with 2 Intrusion Prevention Systems today and have 10 next year at no extra cost.

Easy to Implement and Manage:CounterSnipe offers free of charge installation and configuration support. CounterSnipe offers Free of charge on going management assistance. These together mean that you are never stuck when it comes to getting the best out of security.

If you are looking for Intrusion Prevention System, you need to take a look at CounterSnipe Intrusion Prevention System with so much more network security to make Intrusion Prevention Effective and comprehensive. When you buy CounterSnipe, you are actually buying security..

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July 2016 - Amazon Web Services(AWS)/Cloud Security - CounterSnipe IDS/IPS Case Study is out!

Wepa (Wireless everywhere, print anywhere) protects over 2000 locations and 10s of AWS servers with CounterSnipe’s Intrusion Prevention Security (IDS/IPS).

Download AWS case study

Mar 2016: CounterSnipe Systems Introduces V9.0 Active Protection System;
Westerra and others influence the new release of customer driven feature rich CounterSnipe Intrusion Prevention Software

CounterSnipe Malware and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

Enterprise based network security with no compromises

Network Intrusion Prevention System - Protect your network from thousands of diffirent types of threats;

Malware - stop it at the network

Databases - protect them from SQL injection attacks

Web Applications - Reduce/eliminate wrongful access

Outwards Access - Monitor, alert and stop on accidental wrongful accesses

Compliance - Meet PCI and Data Compliance

Comprehensive - Deploy through out the organization.

Flexible licencing - One licence allows you to install and protect all areas of your enterprise.

Ready to move forward:

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