Jul 2017 -

Version 10 has been around for few months. 10.3.0 is the current one. This version offers a major change in that it includes usable firewall and brings the ips controls completly to your hands. You can choose exactly what you want to analyze and drop.

We now have Managed IDS service offering. Working together with local MSPs we offer you this service on the bases that your data never leaves your organization. 24*7 managed security with all ownership of the hardware, software, updates, configuration is ours. All you have to do is call us on 617 701 7213 and we will do the rest.

May 2017 -

Latest doesn't always get to this page in time. So just because we haven't listed it here, that doesn't mean we are not moving, changing and bettering things. Just to sum up the last few months;

  • We have just released a new version of our Software....in this we give you, better IPS performance, latest IDS engine, an all NEW firewall, better IDS rules, and so much more.
  • Our special thanks go to Tom W, Chris B and Suat U, who represent 3 of our key customers, as their feedback and suggestions lead to some key features in V10.
  • We have added more developers and more support staff.
  • We have added more customers
  • We are on the way up and will continue this drive towards making our software more useful in protecting our cutomers' businesses.

Jan 2017 - 

Thank you to all our customers for making 2016 a successful year for us. A year during which more of you chose us, more of you contributed to the features we created and all of you from  previous years that continued to do business with us.

We are ready to go with much of the same in 2017. The latest release of CounterSnipe is just around the corner. We already have a list of features that we have included in this release. But will be happy to hear from you with any specifics that you may wish to see. If we can not integrate them in this release we sure will add them to the next one. Here are some key featues in this 2017 release;

  • Country based access control
  • Always on rule backup and restore
  • Enhanced network scanning
  • +++++

We welcome you to get in touch for more information and  zero cost evaluation.

July 2016 - Amazon Web Services(AWS)/Cloud Security - CounterSnipe IDS/IPS Case Study is out!

Wepa (Wireless everywhere, print anywhere) protects over 2000 locations and 10s of AWS servers with CounterSnipe’s Intrusion Prevention Security (IDS/IPS).

Download AWS case study

Mar 2016: CounterSnipe Systems Introduces V9.0 Active Protection System;
Wepa, Westerra and others influence the new release of customer driven feature rich CounterSnipe Intrusion Prevention Software
Feb 2016: CounterSnipe strengthens its North American Operations by appointing Mark Rieger as its General Manager for the region.Read More
Jan 2016: CounterSnipe kick start 2016 by launching IDS Sensors for protecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) based servers and help meeting PCI compliance .. Read More
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Experienced team to provide you best technical support for integration with;
  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Firewalls
  • Database servers
  • Load balanaced networks
  • Small networks
  • Large networks
  • Multiple Sites
  • Single site
  • Multiple segments
  • Single segment
  • IPv4
  • IPv6

Why CounterSnipe?

  • More than IDS/IPS - many pre IDS controls such as pre-authorized asset based access control
  • High Performance with multi threading - 100M-10G
  • Unlimited systems licence - comprehensive security for DMZ, Internal Network, Network Segments
  • Flexibility for Choice of Hardware - 100M today, 1G next month, 10G next year
  • Automatic Risk Data Updates - peace of mind with uptodate protection
  • Extensive Alert Management

Here is a list of CounterSnipe features to help you decide further to evaluate us;

1. High throughput, multi threading Intrusion Prevention Engine with file transfer monitoring and storing for data loss prevention and forensics.
2. No more out going access to alien computers - Lock your networks.
3. Network wide license...install and build as many IDS, IPS, Malware, Security systems as required for a single license fee.
4. Option to have bespoke reporting, tell us what you would like to know and we will deliver that.
5. Broad hardware support..start with 1G and move to 10G or higher as the need grows.
6. Free installation, configuration and on-going management support.